The road to Volkswagen Scirocco appears to be the end!

Volkswagen Scirocco
Volkswagen Scirocco

The young business coupe car seems to have come to an end for the Volkswagen Scirocco. The German brand has officially announced that the model leaves the retirement with a statement!

Volkswagen Scirocco is now officially history!

The German manufacturer has announced that the production of the legendary model has been stopped with a statement from its website. With the configurator section turned off and removed from the modeller section, the Scirocco will continue to be in showrooms for some time with the tools already built. So the model that lived in the second spring in 2008 will now be completely separated from us.


The Volkswagen Scirocco was first put on the market in 1972 in its history. The model, which meets the need for a sporty hot hatch at the time, was reborn from its ashes in 2008. However, the global sales of the new Scirocco did not go as it was requested, and the bailout was left without changing the model case. It is also said that a similar strategy will be implemented for Beetle, the other two-door model of the brand next year.

The electric hope for the hot-hatch was green!

Despite all this, we can not say that the Volkswagen Scirocco has completely broken down. Most of the future plans of the brand are made up of electric vehicles, which may cause the legendary model to return. Let’s see if the German two-door car will completely shut down, or will it change the strategy and continue with the electric Scirocco?