11 thousand Tesla Model X is being recalled!

Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X

Electric car maker Tesla, which we have heard so often in the last period, is preparing to recall 11 thousand Model X that it has produced up to now. What is the reason for pushing Tesla Model X back?

11 thousand Tesla Model X is being recalled for precaution!

11 thousand Model Xs, produced between October 28, 2016 and August 16, 2017, with 7 seats, are affected by this recall operation. According to Tesla’s statement, a third assembly fault was detected in the cables in the left-hand seat. In the event of a sudden braking, officials say the seat can come out of the upright position, indicating that the injury situation may be the issue.


After about 10 minutes of work to be done in the servicing, the cables will be placed in a safe position. For countries where the service point is not available, such as Turkey, it is possible for the users to carry out this process with the aid of the published scheme.