The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class can be introduced in Geneva

a 45 AMG
a 45 AMG

After a long development period, Mercedes-Benz almost finished the new A-Class. According to AutoExpress, the first member of the family will be a hatchback with eight different variations, and we will see the car at the Geneva Motor Show.

The new A-Class is saying goodbye to the tablet-type screen

The new A-Class will be built on Daimler’s MFA architecture, and the size of the car will be slightly larger than the current model. Among the expectations we will see is a more radical approach in the cabin of the car, which is supposed to have a more elegant design on the outside. The current tablet-like display will leave the place to the console-embedded double-screen layout as in the new E-Class.

The A-Class Sedan and the new CLA are also on the way!

a 45 AMG
a 45 AMG

After the introduction of the hatchback bodywork, the next member of the family is expected to be the new A-Class Sedan. The car-related tips expected to be introduced next year were given with the Concept Sedan. The car will be a direct competitor to the four-door A3.

The brand will then introduce the new CLA. It is also rumored that the next generation of CLA will have a version of the Shooting Brake form. The German giant will start working on the new generation of GLA in the near future.

‘Semi-AMG’ version will also be available

All members of the new A-Class family will share the same engine and infrastructure. The brand will also produce a hot-hatch version of the model’s AMG logotype with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo engine with a power of about 400 HP.

On the AMG front, the brand can also see the S3 Sportback, with the A45 AMG coming up against the RS3 Sportback, perhaps with a version of the engine we mentioned above that produces less power.

a 45 AMG
a 45 AMG

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