Mercedes-Maybach Landaulet G650

Mercedes-Maybach Landaulet G650
Mercedes-Maybach Landaulet G650

“Bugatti Veyron” has been 12 years since we heard it, and we are now getting used to selling some cars to 7-digit numbers. Millionaire cars have always been exotic or supersporters. But this time we are facing an SUV: Mercedes-Maybach Landaulet G650.

The latest Mercedes-Maybach Landaulet G650

Landaulet, which is sold with auction method, has one more feature, it is the last car produced. At the end of the car the buyer found a price at a price that was lukewarm: more than $ 1.4 million, or 5 million Turkish Liras!


As you might recall, the G650 is the most luxurious version of the legendary G-Series of Mercedes-Benz today. The car G500 has a double turbocharged V12 engine of the AMG G65 with a suspension of 4 × 4². It also has all the sophisticated features and “status” that distinguish a Maybach from ordinary Mercedes.

Key turnover doubled

The German manufacturer has produced only 99 models and has set the car’s turn-key price at $ 740,000. This car, which is the subject of the news, almost doubled the price of the sticker. At the Bonhams auction in Zoute, Belgium, the car was found to be worth $ 1.4 million.

Bonhams at the auction, where the vast majority of the cars exhibited were sold, earned about $ 6.5 million in revenue. The most notable of the other cars sold are as follows: