Elon Musk: Electric Thriller Completed, Not Announced

tesla, tir
tesla, tir

Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated that the electric tram that has been in development since its inception has been completed and is ready to be announced.

Tesla’s latest release of Model 3 is so new that you can expect the company to breathe a little bit, but the only company that does not work for Elon Musk is not working for Tesla. The company accelerates the production of new vehicles instead of slowing down. Tesla’s long-spoken new trucks were expected to be announced in October. Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, then said the date was postponed to November 16th.

Indicating that the delayed opening was not the cause, the newly released Model 3 was to be rescued from the bottleneck, Musk stated that the truck is now complete and waiting for the day to be announced.


The sympathetic CEO made a ceiling asking for the new car, saying “the features are better than anything I’ve seen up to now”. We could say that someone else is saying that they are doing commercials, but it sounds incredible to hear this from someone who has “really” done a lot like Musk.

Tesla has stated that the new truck is “advanced” and “can be driven like a sports car.” It is not known how accurate this claim will be, but we can assume that Tesla trucks equipped with artificial intelligence and electric charging technology will draw the fate of technology. So what kind of features will Tesla’s new trucks come out with? I expect your comments.