The Rezvani Tank was introduced with the ballistic armor feature!


American-based niche car brand Rezvani has announced its new terrain model, Tank. We know more about Rezvani Tank, which offers much more than traditional competitors!

Car like name: Rezvani Tank!

Reminiscent of the Hummer, which is not in the long-lasting market with its design, the tank was designed inspired by military vehicles. Designed as a front and rear ladder, the car’s predator design is complemented by 37-inch tires and raised dampers. Thus, the model can show full performance against all kinds of terrain conditions.


Rezvani also worked with special partners on the infrastructure of the new model. Using the Dynatrac production axle, the car strongly reflects its traction on all four wheels. Inside the Rezvani Tank, luxury and comfort are not avoided. The real leather seats with the Rezvani logo on it, the head-up display screen and the 7.9-inch multimedia display are among the nice details of the car.

There’s a monster lying under the hood!

Under the bonnet of the Rezvani Tank lies the exact same monster. The vehicle’s SRT production 6.4-liter V8 engine with 507 horsepower and 583 Nm of torque produces serious values.

The option packages of the vehicle seem to be quite full. The Rezvani Tank’s off-road package, which has two pockets, Off-Road and Thermal, features locked suspensions and features like ProRock 44/60 and XD60 / 80 axes. The thermal package includes high-end equipment such as kevlar ballistic armor, bulletproof glasses, run flat tires. At the end of this year, the initial price of the tank will start at $ 178,500.

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