Palmer will be in Japan for the final race


In the official statement made by the Renault team, Jolyon Palmer is reported to leave his seat to Carlos Sainz after the Japanese GP.

It was thought that the Spanish pilot would be able to compete on Renault’s behalf before the Singapore Gp, but that would have happened at Maleyza GP since then.

Cyril Abiteboul, who is in the statement about the subject, spoke as follows.

“I want to thank Jolyon. He worked hard for the team and showed a constant example of professionalism.

“Since Renault’s return to the spore, Jolyon has worked with us and has played a very important role in this project.

“The team was very good with everyone, but of course this is not always enough. Unfortunately, he did not always succeed in getting the results he wanted with the misfortunes he had experienced.

“I wish him success in his next career. I hope everything will be as it is. ”

After Carlos Sainz’s announcement that he will compete with Renault in the US GP, Toro Rosso announced that he would pass Daniil Kvyat, the seat that flew from him.