McLaren is now talking ‘details’ with Alonso

McLaren is now talking 'details' with Alonso
McLaren is now talking 'details' with Alonso

McLaren race director Eric Boullier said Fernando Alonso’s contract was close to the end and now they only saw details.

Alonso, whose contract with McLaren will end at the end of this year, said he would like to examine the team and Renault’s data before deciding on next year’s decision.

It is expressed that the English team will renew the one-year contract while the Spanish pilot Austin, who stating that he wants to win the race, is expected to make a final decision before.

On the other hand, Eric Boullier, speaking in Japan, said they agreed with Alonso in a big way.

“We do not have any particular difficulties with our negotiations with Fernando, we are in agreement with the details of the agreement, and I think we will agree to the agreement because both parties intend to maintain the partnership.” said.

“If we start thinking about the possible scenarios, the list goes on,” said Fernando, “we are hoping to persuade him.” “If we can not agree with Alonso in detail,” Boullier replied, “if Vandoorne can not assume the role of team leadership.

McLaren is now talking 'details' with Alonso
McLaren is now talking ‘details’ with Alonso

“As always, we have a reserve plan here, as always, and Stoffel is ready, he is a very good pilot, and the last three or four races understand how the car will use its potential. said.

Boullier said they wanted to keep Jenson Button as the third pilot.

“Jenson wants to compete in one of the race series next season and we can not offer him anything, but we continue to serve as McLaren’s ambassador and we are delighted to continue.”

“If we continue to be our ambassadors next year, then we can work with both our and our partners.”

“If Jenson does not want to continue with us next year, then we may need a spare pila, and Norris can be one of those candidates, and if he is the champion in Formula 3, he will have enough points to get the FIA ​​super license.”

When Boullier was asked about the likelihood of competing with Norris and Vandoorne in the Australian Grand Prix, he said, “This is probably not going to happen. he answered.