Magnificent electric motorcycle produced from scratch!

E-Raw 3.1
Essence E-Raw 3.1

Meet the production monster from scratch, which may be the Tesla Model S of the motorcycle world.

We are faced with a wonderful machine that motor lovers are gathering. The option of electric transport is now becoming more widespread. In this regard, Tesla’s epic cars, which are produced by the leading technology companies, have already been able to compete with automobiles with gasoline engines.

As such, motorcycle enthusiasts can not possibly go on with gasoline. It is not a mistake to say that your voice is one of the most pleasurable things on an engine. But we will have to give up this pleasure.


The Essence E-Raw 3.1 you see above may not look much different from a standard motorcycle. The Essence company produced this engine in Lyon, France, and did not want to change an electric motor with just a petrol engine.


The legendary design, which creates a brand new paradigm, does not leave the motosikletin core: simplicity, originality and high purity. It must be really difficult to achieve this by leaving behind the unnecessary things that blend modern materials with old world workmanship. Looking at E-Raw from the side, you see a lot of raw steel, crude aluminum and wood. E-Raw’s seat is made with techniques used to shape traditional surfboards. “Asphalt surf” sounds interesting.


The engine components are very well chosen for their products: Ohlins suspension, Beringer brakes and controls, Renthal handlebars and 17-inch Excel rims.

A 10.1kWh battery in

power and a fast charge technology for a distance of 185km in 30 minutes have been the beauty of electric transport technology. It stands fast at 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and has a maximum of 160 km / s.


Firman’s E-Raw has no plans for serial production. Only 10 units will be produced at a cost of 60 thousand dollars according to the current price of the motor. Let’s just drop down other photos of this monster:

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