Ford Measures People’s Responsiveness By Hiding Their Drives!

Research conducted by Virginia Tech is investigating how people who see the vehicle as a vehicle will be able to react.

A test in Virginia, USA, surprised everybody. Ford Transit car made in an automobile experiment, the driver is dressed just like an armchair hiding and how the car is seen in the driver is not seen how the reactions are given. This new event, which attracted everyone’s attention thanks to the viral video in a short period of time, seems to be a trial run for the world that is preparing to cross the driver’s car.

The test made by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute collected data about how the bows and other drivers reacted to the car.

Ford wants to create a special language for vehicles with no drivers in traffic, so he gets help from the white lights on the front of the white car. As Tesla spreads its self-governing cars, mankind will have to learn rules against these cars. In addition, we need to create a different traffic rule scheme than we use today. Firms are trying to keep them up.


Ford is known to have invested $ 1 billion in an unknown artificial intelligence company. This means that the Ford vehicles that will go on their own will become popular in the future. Ford, which is a bit more cautious than other firms, is expected to enter this market as 2021.

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