Mercedes GLA 180d AMG

Mercedes GLA 180d AMG

We are testing our 2016 Mercedes GLA 180d AMG. This was our third AMG in our study area (A 180, CLA 180 and GLA 180). So I also observed the dynamics between the three cars. I made this car 1090 kilometers. I used a lot in the city, I threw it in the corner. I came to the place, I made light land, I tried to catch crazy values ​​in fuel consumption. I got a lot of information about the car. Let’s go to the Mercedes GLA 180d AMG review of the 1.5-liter turbo diesel that was criticized by the Renault engine.

New Mercedes GLA 180d AMG (Diesel Automatic) Review


First I give you good news, so let’s start from the crowds.
The Mercedes GLA was positioned as a crossover SUV by class. But the public perception was a slightly higher hatchback. It’s the same vehicle. Mercedes Renault partnership as a result of the 1.5-liter turbo diesel engine producing 107 horsepower 260 nm torque, the goal is very good. The point where the star is most criticized in my mind is big plus in my eyes. Because the person who receives or receives the GLA 180d is primarily fuel economy. It answers very nicely in this tool.

New Mercedes GLA 180d AMG Review

That is, I came from Tekirdağ to Bursa. I visited for two days and my trips in Bursa were mostly in the city. I’ve also used a lot of hard to recognize the tool. The value I saw on the road computer I reset at the end of 789 kilometers was 6.6 liters. 1.5 tons of vehicles + two people in the mix is ​​not bad at all. I said I’d play a game after seeing this one. I reset the meter and I wanted to get an ambitious value outside the city knowing the opportunity between Istanbul and Tekirdağ. Also helped. I saw a fuel consumption of 2.9 liters / 100 km at 88 kilometers at 13 kilometers. I used it a little more and saw the value of 4.0 liters / 100 km in 51 kilometers. This is just the middle of the factory value announced by Mercedes-Benz. So on the long way, very low values ​​can be caught. Actually, a little more came to me. Of course there is that factor. The car I was using was 42,000 kilometers, and although it had not finished a year, it was quite worn. Also, you should not forget the 18-inch AMG wheels (with 235/50 R18 tires). In short, this tool offers very economical data despite its muscle.

Mercedes GLA 180d AMG
Mercedes GLA 180d AMG

New Mercedes GLA 180d AMG Fuel Consumption

Let’s just say the other major enhancements in the Mercedes GLA 180d AMG. This is a very expensive vehicle in the premium world. Shunki is a vehicle that after tax has lost all its appeal, like all cars, but with its external appearance, material quality and every other detail. Since it comes with the AMG package once, the sportiness in the outlook is not in my opinion any brand. In an environment where the exhaust-out games of the compact SUV turn out, the Mercedes AMG offers the double outlet for the GLA 180d, which comes in a package, with a large catalyst, and this is very welcome. It is very important that the vehicle on the bottom of the turbo diesel vehicle produces 109 ps (107 horsepower) and that such a detail is important for a car that will have almost no expectation of performance. This was also the case with the A180 or CLA180 models.

Mercedes GLA 180d AMG Inside

Let’s not interrupt our performance peak speed. I found the road dynamics of this vehicle to be successful with huge wheels and heavy cusses. Only A180d was better. The car tires I used used to get tired in a couple of places. But the reason why I did not find the A180d AMG more successful was the feeling that the GLA 180d felt differently. This vehicle is very high in the bends. Wherever you turn with a short turn and sharp steering, the car’s head is directly there, but this is dangerous for an ordinary user and a very hard car for our country roads. I will also refer to this issue as missing.


Let me come to another plus. Mercedes said, we especially emphasized that AMG has a premium perception. Is it really so? I think he’s paying for his money. The successful adaptation of the leather and alcantara pair tastes the sportiness and more of the red seams. The riders have as good quality lines as they say, pretty good. I would also like to add that the sound system in this sub-title gives good quality and clear sound. Apart from that, there are no major improvements that come to mind. Let’s talk about their negative aspects.

The first negative side to wait for the Mercedes GLA 180d will be the stiffness of the suspensions. Friends this car is really nervous. Of course not the CLA 180 AMG, but despite its crossover SUV, this car has a really tight and hard suspension run. This may not bother you on the highway, but especially when you get into two-way village roads, the back side is very disturbing. Obviously it did not bother me and the driver on the side too much, but the claustrophobic rear area can be very uncomfortable. These AMG suspensions are not for our country roads.

Mercedes GLA 180d AMG