KTM Orange Days has been quite enjoyable this year. While I was wondering about the 1290 Super Adventure S, I came to look at the 1090 Adventure as a buyer. I’ve never seen a 390 engine block so we can see its potential.

I started with Duke 690 last year and tested 1190 and 1290. This time I started with a high volume and started to shrink. Click for KTM Orange Days 2016

After I got a brief information about the 1290’s menu, I set out. Due to the infrastructure works in Hasanpaşa many roads have been closed, reverse direction, began to test with narrow turns. My first impression is not related to last year’s 1290, it has been revealed that it has been wonderfully relaxed, relaxed and enjoyable without going out.


Test Rotam Kadikoy – Riva. I got the sporting fashion, the machine is incredible torque. However, it is very stable, and the Quickshifter offers excellent performance in performance. The compression that you release the gas comes in a linear fashion. If you close the gas on Hyper, you’re having a slap. This is not the case with Multistrada.


The motorcycle has a wet weight of 244 KG. According to the T model in 2016, 7 Kilos have been reduced and ergonomic changes have been made. The 1290 Adventure R is only 2 kilos more than the S version. If we compare wet weights and performances with their competitors:

2016 KTM 1290 ADV 251 KG 160 HP 140 NM

2017 KTM 1290 ADV S 244 KG 160 HP 140 NM

2017 KTM 1290 ADV R 246 KG 160 HP 140 NM

2017 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S 241 KG 160 HP 136 NM

2017 Ducati Multi Enduro 252 KG 152 HP 128 NM

2017 BMW R1200 GS 244 KG 125 HP 125 NM

2017 BMW R1200 GS ADV 263 KG 125 HP 125 NM

The structure of the engine blocks used by KTM and Ducati is similar and is slightly ahead of BMW in terms of performance at the latest speeds. But in BMW you can get a GS wheel, which increases the engine’s offroad capability. Of course, KTM and Ducati are more suitable for Offroad. However, their weights are still too heavy when compared to GS. If you compare it to the BMW R1200 GS ADV, you can see that the Enduro versions of KTM and Ducati are lighter. Due to the difference in weight in BMW, the reservoir grows up to 10 liters


This model is not clear to the test, while the Austrian made, the orange chassis pipes in the R pak and the protective hoop adds visuality. They talk a lot about its Enduro features. Both the asphalt and the suspensions in the field are said to work wonderfully. You can also watch some of the capabilities of the 1290 ADV R in the launch videos in Peru, in the following video.


The first thing I noticed when I sat on a motorcycle, the black handlebar looks very stylish. Then I focus on the screen in a little iPad, the use of the menu is very easy and you can intervene in all the details to increase the enjoyment of the ride. It’s important to see the tire pressures on the main screen. I liked the dark night-night mode on your screen very much.


The going is scary, beautiful, comfortable, but it also feels like speed. Ride by wire works great, reactions are instant. With Quickshifter you can more easily weigh your performance. It is guided very comfortably at high speeds. I am also impressed with its ability to curve. Slipper Clutch Of course, there is also the efficient running Cruise Control.

There was a Pirelli Scorpion Trail-II Tire on it. The tire I used on the Hypermotard. But you can try Michelin for 1290. Although the roads were dusty, I did not get in the circuit nor got anywhere unbalanced. An even better tire will be fabulous. Riding mode: Street, damper: I made it comfortable. You do not feel as you pass over the patches of the asphalt, the machine like a harpoon softens but does not flinch. The comfort performance of the suspenders, which I think is also better than the Multiin’s Öhlinsler. These suspensions, called Semi-Active, are available in both BMW and Ducati as well as KTM. I can say that the best solution of the equation between performance and comfort is that KTM offers it without isolating the sportiness and driving feeling of the suspension.

A separate parenthesis is required for in-curb ABS. KTM offers technical videos on its own YouTube channel to visualize examples of the subject. You can see how the Corner ABS in KTM 1290 Super Adventure S works in the following video.


Then I left 1290, and when I received the 1090, I went downstairs and ran away. From the sound of work, to the screen, after 1290 there is a difference in mountains. (With a difference of 4,500 EUR with 1290 ADV S) but a little more mechanical driving is


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