BMW R1200 GS
BMW R1200 GS

In the morning, I took the BMW R1200GS for a short drive from Borusan Atasehir to Riva. I came to prejudices, I thought you were moved away from the roots of the motorcycle in the name of comfort. Testing the engine is not a difficult task, but it is a skill to be able to demonstrate what details are hidden on the motorcycle.

I’m on my way after learning how to change my Motoskie settings. It is clear from the first minute how easy it is to control the engine. Empty weight (including all liquids, at least 90% of the fuel deposit) 244 kg of a motor is feeling a slight self-prejudice is shaking. But I’m determined I will not be affected by this motord.

I am still surprised to see the determination of the first 270 degree corner when the motorway is connected. Even in the cornering, comfortable, even if you do not contraption, even if the engine does not go out of the corner to go straight.


Of course, if the suspension and the motor positioning that provides this balance, and the power is providing the boxer engine block, I know that the gearbox has been completely renewed in the 2017 R1200 series. (Larger gears, new gearbox, new shaft output bearing …) As in previous models, the first pass is not so loud and hard. There is an alternative R Nine T Urban GS model (the counterpart from the roots of the R80GS). There is paralever in this motive, but there is no telegraph on the front, only the handlebar shock absorber. They have created a very nice story about R80GS from below.

There is a Slipper Clutch. What the hell’s going on with BMW’s flagship. I do not want the backbone to lock up when gearing down with a 125 nc torque machine. I feel the response of the throttle is clear when I select the suspension and driving mode as “Dynamic” while going on, but the comfort is still the same. Up to this point I have not been 6,000 cycles so far, I’m getting closer to the upper limits, I can hear an engine grunt that will finally be enjoyable. That’s why Akrapovich can be bought with exhausts, which is another topic of debate on the road.


I’m braking hard to try the brakes, I do not feel any aggravation, it’s the size and how it’s still in my mind. While I am enjoying the ride and feeling myself safe, I am also collecting questions to investigate. After I see the road to Riva, I turn my way by maneuvering through the cars. I feel like I’m using a long-running engine on maneuvers. Narrow and steep bends can turn very comfortably at low speeds. Despite being a rim, there are tubeless tires.

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