F1 Malaysia GP: Red Bull doubles, Vettel goes round!

F1 Malaysia GP: Red Bull doubles, Vettel goes round!
F1 Malaysia GP: Red Bull doubles, Vettel goes round!

The Formula 1 Grand Prix winner Max Verstappen of the Malaysian Grand Prix of the Red Bull won the 15th season of the season. The details of the race bringing the young pilota birthday gift are our news!

Max Verstappen closed the curtain in Malaysia!

Verstappen, who started the race in third place, ranks second in the start line due to the trouble of Ferrari pilot Kimi Raikkonen. Lewis Hamilton, who had trouble with the power transmission system during the race, was able to finish the race with the young pilot who was on the track. The young pilot, who won his second win in his career, was thus the driver who closed the curtain in the last race in Malaysia.

Mercedes champion leader pilot Lewis Hamilton lost power in the lead race due to a problem he was living in a hybrid conversion system. Max Verstappen finished second in the name race. In the final step of the podium, Daniel Ricciardo, another pilot of Red Bull, is finished.

Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel, who is seen as a favorite in Malaysia but can not get out of the way due to his turbo problem, started the race last. The German pilot, who had a great advantage with the reverse tire strategy, completed the fourth round and was selected as the pilot of the day. However, after the race was over, the pilot, who fought with Williams pilot Lance Stroll, landed on the pit area of ​​Sauber pilot Pascal Wehrlein’s vehicle.

The Ferrari pilots again suffered great luck!

Valtteri Bottas, second Mercedes driver, finished fifth in the car, complaining of balance problems. Sergio Perez of Force India’s sixth flash team of the year and McLaren’s rookie pilot Stoffel Vandoorne finished seventh in the race. Williams pilots Lance Stroll and Felipe Massa were eighth and ninth respectively, while the final score of the day was taken by Force India’s stable pilot Esteban Ocon.

While Carlos Sainz was the only one who could not finish the race, Toro Rosso’s driver Kimi Raikkonen, who finished second in the ranks of Ferrari, could not start the race because of the turbo problem. Japan’s 16th season of the season will be held on October 8th.